Evangelical Church of Yahweh

Evangelical Church of Yahweh

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What we believe

A few words about us

ECOY Intl. is a Bible-believing Church with Parishes in several states in Nigeria, United States and Britain.

We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and His finished work of Redemption on the Cross of Calvary, Over 2,000 years ago. We know that God talks to us through his Prophets and also directs us in our daily lives.

Primate Dr. T.O. Olabayo


Saving souls, Building lives, Empowering God’s people and Exposing the works of the devil.


  • To witness Christ to individuals, every tongue, nation and kindred.
  • To train and equip many as they come to Christ and become spirit filled men and women of God, raising Godly standard in the midst of a wicked and corrupt generation.
  • To make ready a people for God.
  • To have at least 1 (one) mega Church in every major city of each State and country worldwide.
  • To train men from the mega churches to spread the gospel to the local, rural and riverine areas.
  • To feed the poor among us and in our society.
  • To take care of widows, orphans and the less privileged.
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