Security challenges will force Jonathan out of office, says Olabayo

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Remember how I warned Abiola, Abacha and still warning today

Theophilus Oluwasanu Olabayo is the primate of the Evengelical Church of Yahweh, Worldwide. Recently, he turned 68, and a colloquium organised in his honour to mark the event, brought a cream of Nigerian clerics together, as they celebrated one of their own. Many of the clerics that spoke at the event took time to demystify the man many believed was a false prophet. Notwithstanding his health challenges, which he has suffered for over 10 years, the man is still talking tough. In this interview with The Guardian, he told CHRIS IREKAMBA that the country is sitting on a keg of gunpowder and only one man can prevent it from exploding.

What are those things that God is telling you about Nigeria and its leaders?

IN this country, there are prophets and there are pastors. The late MKO Abiola came to me and said: “Primate” and I said: ‘Don’t contest’. I told him then that he would win the election but would not be president. He asked how that was possible and I told him that God said so. I even told him that at the end, he would die in the process. Senator Zwingina was there. When the problem started, those deceiving him ran away. After that, Sani Abacha wanted to succeed himself. People should remember how I warned Abiola and Abacha and I’m still warning people today. It would be better for them if they heed the warning. So, a friend to General Abubakar from Delta State came to me and said: ‘Primate, I have a friend that Abacha wanted retire from office.’ He was referring to Abubakar. I said thus says the Lord of host, ‘the man that wanted to retire him would die before him (Abubakar), and it happened. Same thing happened in the case of General Oladipo Diya over alleged coup attempt. When Diya’s people came to me, I told them that Diya would not be killed, but the man that arrested them would die. Did it not happen? When President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was sick, the wife sent for all of us. She said that we should say that Yar’Adua would not die. I said ‘no, your husband would die.

Were you among the religious leaders that went to see him, when he was sick?

I was not among those pastors/priests/imams that visited him then. Their testimony was that they saw him moving. I was called differently. I told her that the Lord said that Yar’Adua would die. And that Goodluck Jonathan would take over, but they should allow a Hausa man to complete Yar’Adua’s tenure. If not, they would make the country ungovernable for Jonathan; that there would be terrorism and bombing. Unfortunately, some pastors said it couldn’t happen. Is it not happening today? In fact, we haven’t seen anything. If I were to be in Jonathan’s shoes, I would have resigned. He should forget about 2015 general elections. There will be no election. The country is in trouble and the world is in crisis because there is a rebellion against God. This is what is happening and it may appear like a child’s play. Jonathan would spend so much money, but he will not get there. A new Nigeria is about to be born. Someone else will take over from him.

Who is this person and what is his pedigree?

He is a Gideon. He will come in the form of a Gideon or Jehu. For over 20 years, I have been saying that a new Nigeria will be born and the country will be like America. If most of these people parading themselves in the corridors of power are not dead, they will end up in prison. Those having 20 houses will be dispossessed of them, and if they go to their villages, they will not be allowed to enter.

Some people are of the view that the National Confab would lead to Nigeria’s disintegration? Do you share this view?

The National Confab that started last Monday would end up in confusion and in crisis as well. I am not happy with the composition because it is the same set of people that are being recycled. Some of them have no business being there. Nothing good will come out of it. It is mere waste of time. “I’m looking at them,” Jesus said. Witches and wizards have taken over everywhere. The country is polluted and people are no longer saying the truth. Pastors are no longer saying the truth, because they have oil blocs. They live fat, have the best universities and say all is well, when all is not well. Mr. President hasn’t got a good friend because a good friend is someone that advises you rightly. This is the time they should advise him to stop talking about 2015. He should drop the idea because it will not work. Again, he has to pray seriously for himself and someone who is very close to him. When he hears warnings like this, he runs to fake prophets and they usually assure him that with their prayers all is okay, while all is not okay. They cannot solve the problems that I’m seeing because they are all fake. I saw the dead rising up as soldiers to fight in this nation. Some of the people killed were not supposed to die. It is their spirit that will fight and as you know, bombs cannot kill the spirit. They are taking over this country. They should pray very well because I saw one of them collapsing, sweating profusely and passing on. If not properly handled, it will end in catastrophe and nothing will come out of it. They should discuss how to solve poverty and security challenges. Presidential system of government is too expensive. I don’t want us to go our separate ways. You can see what is happening to countries that went their separate ways such as the USSR (Soviet Union). God has joined us together. We have many things in common. We should pray very well so that this country will not be broken into six countries, but I have prayed over it so that there will be no seven-year war. We have never seen kidnapping and armed robbery, but between now and three months time, the menace will increase in the country. Same thing with terrorism, which I have spoken about for over 10 years now even before it started. That is why I said that Jonathan should not be president because he will not be able to handle the crisis. After President Yar’Adua’s death, I said that another Northerner should be allowed to complete his tenure. He hasn’t got the experience to handle the situation at hand. He has his own prayer warriors, who are telling him ‘all is well,’ while all is not well! He has given them oil blocs, so what else do you expect them to say other than ‘all is well?’ But for saying the truth, you are called a prophet of doom.

If Jonathan comes to you now, will you be bold enough to repeat these things to his face?

I’m a prophet of prophets. I don’t sell my gifts. I’m saying what God revealed to me. I love Jonathan and I don’t want him to be killed. When he went to see one Oba, he was given a gong to drum. Do you know what that mean? When a drum is too high, it will burst. Let him drum it very well. People will be taking money from him, but there is nothing there. The other day too, we heard that the Arewas are behind him. They are deceiving him. Nothing will come out of it. The same set of people using the names of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Sarduna are the people chosen for the National Conference. Nobody should compromise because if there is war, it will last for seven years. For 30 years now, I have been prophesying that God will raise a new leader and this is the time. The situation is alarming, as lawlessness has taken over. He is not in control any longer. People just go to him with different kinds of concoctions to cajole him that all is well and he will give out money. Journalists are also not being fair; they are not saying the truth. The other day, some of his ministers were saying that the country is moving forward, but there is poverty in the land. There is no electricity and there is scarcity of fuel everywhere. There is crisis upon crisis and yet you want to continue in power. What solution have you proffered? People are suffering and you are busy going from church to church, where they are telling you all is well, when in the actual fact, things are not well.

People are of the view that Muhammadu Buhari’s utterances that he would make the country ungovernable if the last presidential election did not favour him, precipitated the menace of Boko Haram

Those saying that Buhari was the cause of Boko Haram should go and apologise to him. To start with, Buhari has no money. These people (Boko Haram) are against Nigerian leaders stealing the country’s money and stashing it in foreign banks. They have the best houses in Arab countries, while other people are maiguard. They are not happy. It’s not Buhari at all because his children are well read. These people are well fortified. Governor Shettima was shouting the other day that these people have more sophisticated weapons than the military. President Jonathan cannot win this battle.

Have you considered the havoc that these people have caused this nation?

I’m not supporting them. But I think we should ask this question: How were they able to cross to Nigeria without anybody knowing? Now, they’ve entered the country and you think to dislodge them will be an easy task? There’s more to it than meets the ordinary eye. Look at what happened in Nasarawa and Adamawa states, where there are crises everywhere. Don’t you think this is the time for him to leave the stage? He will not listen to the truth from us. He’s only listening to those he has given oil wells. You know there is no way they will give you oil well and you turn around to criticise. They gave them aircraft; they are enjoying and their children are schooling abroad. Nigerians are yet to see kidnapping; they should be ready to experience more of it, and terrorism too. I have been saying it and people don’t believe me.

Do you think these problems will end if Jonathan decides to ‘step aside?

The problem arises because he wants to entrench himself in government. The desire to continue in power is what is creating these problems. He should stop wasting our resources. The other day, he went to Katsina State and as he was leaving the place, they started killing people.

From the look of things, these people are trying to make a way for a Northerner to come in…

I have said it that a northerner should become the next president. This is what God told me.

Is it in 2015 or…?

There may not be 2015. Something will happen.

When is the Northerner expected to become the next president?

Between now and next year, it will happen. Jonathan will not rule.

So the Yorubas and Igbos should forget the presidency in 2015?
The person is going to be a Northerner.

People are saying there will be a war in 2015. Do you envisage such happening?

Efforts will be made to ensure that there is war. But there will be no war, because God is going to raise a leader that will take over this country. Jonathan will surrender. There was something I said about Bamanga Tukur, which was that he would be forced to resign as chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and it came to pass. No other person said it. I was the first person to say so. I said he would be humiliated and same thing is going to happen to Jonathan. The problem will be so much in this country, that he will be forced to resign.

But you said Nigerians wouldn’t experience war?

There will be no war by the grace of God. If there is war, it will last seven years. So, there will be no war.

Did you read the statement by Asari Dokubo that his kinsmen in the Niger Delta would foment trouble if President Goodluck Jonathan were not re-elected in 2015.

Who is Asari Dokubo? They will silence him. Is he God? It’s because Jonathan is there that he seems important. Otherwise, who would have reckoned with him? These people are only talking because they want to be relevant. Even Baba Edwin Clark is supposed to sit down, but unfortunately the man is still talking. These are the people that are deceiving Jonathan, telling him ‘don’t worry, we are behind you, it is your time.’ The man we are expecting now is the Gideon that will salvage this country from total collapse. He’s expected to combine the gifts of Baba Awolowo, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Sarduna together and change the course of this country. And there will be no war, things will flourish and there will be peace. There will be no more anarchy.

How do you see the promotion of gay marriage and role of America and its allies?

That is why I said the world is in crisis. There is rebellion against God. Nobody should expect a measure of peace and happiness in a time like this. This is a warning. God never condones evil. The time we are in is not for prosperity, comfort and easy life. The truth is that the Bible has warned us that woe unto the prophet, who says there is peace when there is no peace. This is where Barack Obama has failed. He is not supposed to be a leader, because anybody that supports gay marriage has failed. That is why America is going to face crisis upon crisis. There will be so much plane crashes everywhere. In fact, the world needs Christ the Messiah. They need God. Before Saddam Hussein died, I remember saying he would die like chicken and same thing I said about Muammar Gaddafi. Where are these people now? Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo brought Jonathan to power, but now enemies have come between them. Why should Jonathan allow enemies to come between them? You don’t forget your mentor. These are some of the problems the man is having. To show you how much I love this country, the other day, I called two Obas, one from Jonathan’s place and the other from the Southwest to broker peace between Obasanjo and Jonathan so that they can settle. I love this country I don’t want it to be divided. That is why I want Jonathan to mellow down. He should stop wasting our resources, bribing people here and there. It’s a war that he cannot win. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was sacked because he exposed them. He told Nigerians about the 20 billion dollars missing and it’s going to be more than that. Do you know what that means? I have never seen a government that is as corrupt as this government. This is enough for him to resign, but he doesn’t want to resign because he has settled the ministers of God with oil blocs and estates in Abuja. This is what is causing Boko Haram and they are not talking. God is raising a messiah and he will judge this country between three and five years. Those that messed up this country from 1960 to date will be exposed.

Why is corruption endemic?

Party leaders extort money from political appointees before they are made ministers. I weep for my country. In a situation, where people want to take up political appointments and they are asked to part with the sum of 1million dollars, 200 million dollars and N1billion, when they get to that position won’t they steal? If you have that amount of money, would you need to be a minister? Where did they get that money? That is why corruption is too much. We have never had corruption like that in the history of this country. This is not good. Let me give you one example, and why this country needs deliverance. The man that was supposed to head the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) was well qualified, but because he had no godfather, he was denied that privilege. And the position was given to a junior person. That is not fair. If you don’t have godfather in this country, you cannot make it. That is why I’m weeping for my country.

Your comment on last Saturday’s tragedy, which claimed about 19 Nigerians during the Nigeria Immigration Service’s recruitment?

The minister in charge of the agency and head of immigration should be sacked immediately for causing the death of many Nigerians. If you don’t have godfather and money in this country you can hardly get anything, not even political appointment. Book Haram is everywhere; they are in the military and other para-military agencies. That is why the war is unending.

The risk of rigging election

APC will also have problems in their choice of candidate. Any attempt to rig elections in both Ekiti and Osun states for PDP will cause trouble in the country. Anger, hunger, corruption and security problem may end the life of the government. The government wants to silence the opposition. There will be mass revolution, as the poor will fight the rich. There may not be election next year, if all does not make fervent prayer and sundry. I weep for this nation because of corruption.

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