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…Jonathan, Buhari, Diezani, Amaechi, other’s lives in danger.

By Tony Eluemunor.

The notable Nigerian seer, Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo of the Evangelical Church of Yahweh, located at Arowojobe Estate, Mende Village, Maryland, Lagos State, has released yet another controversial salvo; that a terrible storm threatens to buffet Nigeria as the much expected 2015 elections will either not hold or will be inconclusive – much like the 1993 election widely believed to have been won by the late M.K.O. Abiola.

Speaking with ABUJANews &Views, on Monday 23 February, 2015, he said that a spectre, a terribly unpleasant prospect, hangs over Nigeria right now as the days to the rescheduled elections continue to run their due course. First, Olabayo was the only prophet who said that the elections scheduled for February 14, 2015 would not hold. He was right as the presidential and National Assembly polls slated for that day were shifted to March 28. Also the state governorship/Assemblies elections which would have held on February 28, were also moved forward to April 11, 2015.

When asked what the spectre was, Olabayo, apparently in real pains over the ill omens that he was foreseeing for the country and her leading politicians of the day, replied that the build up to the real blood-letting would begin between now and March 2015 as politicians would be jumping from one party to the other and bombing party offices – thereby heightening the tension in the air to unbearable levels.

“What will definitely elevate this tension is the move, which I foresee and hereby warn against, to remove Prof Attahiru Jega as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman. This will be resisted and will sow seeds of discord. Unfortunately for the country, despite all the tension, despite all the money poured down the electoral efforts drain, it either the elections will not hold, or if they hold, will remain inconclusive. You can mark that down for future reference, and against the claims of several pastors that this or that person would win the election”. “If there’s no election, there will be a mass revolution similar to what happened in Tunisia and the Arab nations. A new Nigeria will be born as a result”.

When asked whether he foresees any rigging, Olabayo replied “that it does not matter whether or not President Jonathan (of the Peoples Democratic Party) or even General Muhammadu Buhari (of the All Progressives Congress) rigs the election: no matter who rigs the election, the result would be the same futile one: the polls will remain inconclusive. Please mark that word”.

Then, according to him, real anarchy will scorch the land, and that is the time a young Nigerian, whom he called the biblical name of Jehu, will emerge as a leader to lead the nation out of the mess and usher in a new and prosperous era. He would be hailed as a saviour.

Will the Jehu be an interim President? Olabayo pushed that consideration aside, rather impatiently, saying “there will be no interim government. It is not in the future of Nigeria at all”.

Olabayo said the greatest problem facing Nigeria now is that instead of those at the helm of affairs and their advisers to be seeking for real peace as the way out of this mess, some demented souls would be prodding them to run faster on the road to ruin. Thus, he warned that any attempt on the life of Rivers state Governor Chibuike Amaechi or Dagogo Peterside or Muhammadu Buhari, will escalate the problem. Actually, he said that Buhari should be warned to be extremely careful as danger is knocking on his door. The same goes for Amaechi too.

To avoid this coming terrible storm, Olabayo called for repentance and that our leaders should change their ways and truly seek God. He said that for now, our leaders, out of sheer pretence, go to church while they embrace occult powers.

Olabayo had harsh words for Pastors, who have been denying collecting billions of Naira from President Jonathan. He said: “this is not the first time they have collected money from him. They are denying for nothing, but the money will turn to sand soon. Some of them even got oil blocks”. He also asked Nigerians not to rejoice yet over the recent victories the military has scored over Boko Harm insurgents or they would have rejoiced too soon. He explained that Boko Haram will come in a “new and much more virulent form”.

Olabayo has been successfully making public predictions about national events for decades now. He predicted Dele Giwa’s death when he said in a book of predictions that “Newswatch magazine should pray against violent loss of staff”. He warned Abiola not to venture into politics or he may lose his life in the attempt. After successfully predicting the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha’s death, he tried to save Abiola’s life, writing American President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister John Major to spring Abiola from jail or he would die there; he wrote in vain as Abiola suffered a controversial death while still under detention.

This time he warned Ogun state Peoples Democratic Party kingpin, Mr. Kasahmu Buruji, that further problems are knocking at his door as all efforts will be made to extradite him to the United States of America.

Those he asked to pray against bereavement include Oba Erediauwa of Benin, Oba Okunade Sijuwade the Olubuse II of Ife, Kano’s Emir, and former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Muhammadu Sanusi II (born: Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) PDP’s strong man, ChiefChief Tony Anenih, APC’s Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Oil Minister Diezani K. Alison-Madueke, and even the President himself, who he asked to pray against being rushed to the hospital.

Is there a way, for Nigeria, out of the looming anarchy? He said yes, that President Jonathan should approach a Nigerian monarch, His Royal Majesty, King Edmund Daukoru should get some other traditional ruler involved in talks with Obasanjo. Actually, Olabayo had warned years back that if care was not taken, Jonathan would fall out with former President Olusegun Obasanjo – with dire consequences. At that time, he advised that the above mentioned Royal Fathers should be approached by Jonathan so that a gulf would not arise between the former and the present President – but Olabayo’s warning went unheeded and the result is obvious to everyone. Now he has advised that all hope is not lost as the sort of intervention he has advocated would succeed in making amends in their relationship. He also advised President Jonathan not to hold any score with the money-for-prayer Pastors who have been misleading him but to truly seek the face of God.

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