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PRIMATE OLABAYO’S LATEST PREDICTION: A Voice to the Nation and Beyond – Oct 3, 2015

A Voice to the Nation and Beyond
From Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo
This interview was conducted on Saturday, 3rd October, 2015

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Some previous prophecies and predictions
When late Chief Bola Ige was to be made a Minister during President Obasanjo’s administration, he came to me and I told him that he will be made the Minister of Power and Steel but he will not be allowed to function and from there, he will be made the Attorney General of the Federation and Justice Minister. In the process, they will rubbish him, to which late Chief Bola Ige responded that he will resign. I told him it will be too late for him as he would have been killed. As he was about leaving, he asked me to pray regarding three (3) names that would help him in future. And I responded that if he accepts the appointment, I will not be opportune to see him again, alive. That was the last I saw him. The rest is now history.
When the late Chief Oyetade wanted to become Asipa of Ife, I told him your father is a good Christian, why do you want to take up this Chieftaincy title? He told me he would be given the bible to swear that he is a Christian. I told him not to accept the title because if he does, the day the Ooni passes on (now late Ooni) that same week, he too will die. And it happened.
The last election in Britain, I said Prime Minister David Cameron will be re-elected.
Before the Osun state gubernatorial election in the year 2014, I said Governor Aregbesola will be re-elected.
I don’t need to know anyone before God speaks or reveals things to me about them.

What do you have to say about the current President Buhari’s government and the state of things in the country?
Thank you very much. We are heading for a period of anarchy because President Buhari is surrounded by enemies and those who don’t wish the nation well. And this people are so devilish that they will not allow peace to reign. The President will step on toes and when this happens, I see a storm that will shake this country to its foundation. He needs to be very careful and prayerful. I will advise the President to do his best and not be selective in prosecuting the anti-graft war.
When you said those around the President, do you mean those from within his party or those from outside?
Those from within his party; there is a particular person within his party, who is very close to him, who is also misleading him… (Cuts in)

Do you want to mention his name?
No. but this person has misled the President in some ways. This individual served in a former government, specifically, President Obasanjo’s government. He was one of the powerful individuals in that government. He is currently a political office holder and is from the North West Region of Nigeria. He is one of the key individuals that will destroy this nation/government if he doesn’t desist from his meddlesomeness. Even though he is being tipped by a section of his party to contest for the presidency in 2019 should President Buhari decides not to contest, but he will never get there! He believes in Mallams/Marabouts, but they cannot help him to achieve it…. (Cuts in)

Meaning that if President Buhari decides not to contest in 2019, this powerful Northwest politician will not get there?
This government will not last till that time! As a new dawn will come and a man of destiny is coming to take over… (Cuts in)

Sir, why did you say this government will not last as Nigerians across all divides except the South East and some part of the South south voted for him? Seems like there is a good interest in this government and Nigerians on the average loves him!
He has started well. God only allowed him to lay the foundation but he’s not the one that will finish it…. (Cuts in)

What will make it impossible for him to finish?
This is a mystery as a new Nigeria will be born.

You have been saying this for a long time that a new Nigeria will be born and are you saying it won’t be President Buhari God will use?
Yes, President Buhari will lay the foundation but he will not be able to end it as the man of destiny will come in because terrorism of many kinds will be on the rise in several forms. He will not be able to stop Boko Haram. Niger Delta militants will commence their own violence too. He will not be able to stop all these. President Jonathan will face a lot of trouble and some leaders in the Niger Delta as the Niger Delta region will make efforts at secession.

More terrorist attacks, Niger Delta militants will also join in soon?
Yes. I also see reorganization in the military…. (Cuts in)

Do you mean the recently confirmed service chiefs will be sacked?
No, the service chiefs will not be sacked but there will be reorganization.
Many secrets will be uncovered. Especially in the military especially how the past military hierarchy looted the funds meant to prosecute the fight against Boko Haram. Including how they were selling arms and ammunitions to Boko Haram, and how they aided and abetted the enemy. This will affect the former service chiefs.

Concerning the Ooni of Ife’s stool;
We need to pray for Ife. Before the Ooni died, God told me and I said it. Equally, before he was installed as Oba, the Lord said it through me. He also met with me back then before he became an Oba and I gave him God’s counsel on how he should go about it.
This time around, God will raise up a man who has a heart like that of David – who has the fear of God. All these people going about – warn the kingmakers to be very careful. No 419 (fraudulent) person will become the Oba of Ife nor will a sick person get there. The man whom God will use will come in the form of David. He’s a young man from the Lafogido Ruling House. He is the one God has chosen. Every attempt to scheme him out will not stand. Among those that will support and assist him includes; the Asiwaju of Ife, Chief Duduyemi and Chief Muyiwa Omisade. This Oba will make Ife great. He will industrialize Ife/Ife will be industrialized during his time. Ife will witness advancement on a scale and magnitude previously unknown to it. I see him bringing golf course to Ife. All ritual killings will be minimized during his time and things will change for better. Many corrupt individuals are already collecting money from some candidates to enhance their chances. God says he will deal with them one after the other. The kingmakers need to be very careful the way they are collecting money and receiving gifts from candidates. They should listen to the voice of God and back the person God has chosen.
If they (the kingmakers) refuse to choose him for any reason and either by omission or by commission another candidate is enthroned as the Ooni of Ife, Ife will not have a leader like him for the next 50 years. And the judgment of God will fall on those that go against the choice of God in this regards. All effort will be made on his life, but God will keep him safe. However, he also needs to watch and pray as attempts will also be made against his life especially in the 1st 3 months of his reign. We need to pray that the next Ooni will last the first three (3) months on the throne.

What do you say about the National Assembly?
About all these things going on in the national Assembly, they understand themselves. Even in the Senate. There are so many corrupt people there.
God told me, for Bukola Saraki to be elected Senate President and he is still standing in that office is what He (God) allowed, if not the PDP would have seized the opportunity of the power tussle within the APC to take over the Senate and elect one of their senators as Senate President. This would have led to serious trouble but because God heard the prayers of Nigerians for there to be no war, that was why Bukola Saraki became Senate President. And if they are not careful in handling the current leadership tussle, the APC might lose that seat to the PDP.
There will be chaos in the National Assembly and many secrets will be uncovered. I see the current Senate President, Bukola Saraki removed and replaced with either Senator George Akume or Barnabas Gemade. Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s days are numbered.

Menace of the Fulani Herdsmen, where will this lead to and what is the solution?
If these terrorists are not checked in good time, it will snowball and create problems between the Southwestern part of Nigerian and the Northern part of Nigeria and can lead to serious crisis. There are powerful people that are using them (the Fulani Herdsmen) for criminal purposes. The government must take practical steps in other to solve this problem else they (the Fulani Herdsmen) will create more problems that can lead to war if not properly managed.

Corrupt people in President Jonathan’s Administration; what is their lot?
Most of them will be exposed as Diezani Alison Madueke will put many of them into problem. They are just starting. And by the time Diezani puts them into problem, with most of them in the PDP. That is why President Buhari also needs to move against corrupt people taking shelter in his own party to balance the equation.

The economic situation in Nigeria
The Governor of Central Bank will be exposed and will be changed. Someone else will replace him. There will be so many changes in the country in various political offices.

Ministerial List
Some of the names I have heard about in the rumoured list in the press seem okay. However, we need to carry out strict monitoring of every government minister to ensure they perform.

Governor Ambode of Lagos State
If it is true, what we heard in the press, that he placed six (6) of Tinubu’s family members as part of his proposed commissioners, that is the wrong thing to do. They should not extend their luck too much.

The Newspaper stories of Boko Haram in Lagos state
If Boko Haram is not properly checked this month, they will go round. They can use Fulani or anyone to carry out their nefarious activities now. We must be watchful.

What is the solution to this terrorism in Nigeria?
Brilliance, vigilance and good governance. Greed should be eliminated in our political class.

Rivers Election Tribunal
We need to pray to avert trouble in Rivers State as the Governor, Nyesom Wike will make things difficult. The incumbent Governor of Rivers state should be warned so that he would not create problems in his state using militants. There will be a re-run in this state. This re-run will bring about a lot of calamites and killings. Governor Nyesom Wike will lose as a result while the APC candidate will win in the re-run election.

Bayelsa Election
Governor Dickson needs to be very prayerful so as to retain his position as many people will turn against him in his party. We also need to pray for the APC gubernatorial candidate, Timipre Sylva against kidnapping and assassination. The PDP and it candidate will bribe and rig massively in the forthcoming election and will retain Bayelsa State.

Kogi Election
That is my home state. The incumbent Governor, Idris Wada and I were class mate back in the days. I would have preferred him however we need to pray to avoid a stalemate but in the end, the APC gubernatorial candidate, Abubakar Audu will have the upper hand and win the election.

I saw that a great man will be killed, and this may lead to the end of this government. So we need to be careful and watchful with the security of this county.
I also saw that a powerful man in this/close to this government will be killed, and this will result to serious problem. That is why Nigeria needs prayers to avert all these evil and bloodshed. We need 7 days prayer to avert this.
I see a lot of political assassination. This has to do with the current anti-corruption crusade of the current government as a lot of politicians will do all they can not to be exposed and jailed. Within the next few months, I see a lot of powerful people, politicians, lose their lives. How are the mighty fallen!
I see politicians and powerful individuals going missing.
There will be so many floods this year that will sweep people away, homes, properties, farmland etc.
The President, Muhammadu Buhari is currently siting on a keg of gun powder. Let us all pray for him to survive and do the good work God has committed to him for such a time as this. As he has started laying the foundation, let us all pray that he will be able to complete it especially between now and six (6) month time.
I see insecurity, famine, hunger and anger truncate this administration if it isn’t properly managed. We need to pray to avert this.
I see Nigeria return to the parliamentary system of government as a man of destiny will emerge to take over this country and clean the mess Nigeria is in. After these cleansing every region will produce its own Vice President. And if care is not taken, each region will in turn request for and be granted autonomy. We are going to have a loose federation. I see the man of destiny having the support of angels to carry out this task. This man of destiny can come from anywhere and in any form. When he comes, he will set up the parliamentary system of government and the people that will serve in his government will be people we have never heard their names before, who are not politicians. They will have the capacity and will implement such as will make this nation one of the fastest growing in every sector.
Terrorism will be on the increase in Nigeria.
The former First Lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan and the incumbent Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai should pray against any form of strange sickness that can take away their lives.
From this month, the judgment of God will commence on those who looted Nigeria’s treasury. There is no more hiding place.
People will attempt to come in between Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and President Buhari. This will lead to a serious crisis between them. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu needs to mellow down so as not to be disgraced and become irrelevant. He also needs to pray to survive this year.
Nigeria will still be blessed. Let us keep praying and not lose hope. A new Nigeria will be born.

The crisis in the Middle East – with focus on Russia and Syria
We need to be very prayerful so that it will not turn to another major world war. I see a major intervention coming in from the United Nations to resolve the current impasse. I see the US and Russia in a conflict, I will not call it war, not serious war. If care is not taken, I do not see President Bashir Al-Assad surviving this Syrian conflict. I see him killed as Russia cannot save him because he has too much blood in his hand.

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