If President BUHARI Should Contest IN 2019, He Would Lose

If President BUHARI Should Contest IN 2019, He Would Lose

Primate OLABAYO Opens Up To City People

Recently, the General Overseer and the founder of THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF YAHWEH, Theophilus Oluwasanu Olabayo celebrated his 72nd birthday, on the 24th of February, 2018. The church is situated at no 36, Bamidele Adebule Street, Arowojobe Estate, Mede, Maryland Lagos, Nigeria.

The Prophet of God, who is known for his accurate predictions, prophecies and in giving the counsel of God to the nation and people around him, also marked the 45th anniversary of THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF YAHWEH and launched his Magazine, ‘THE TESTIMONY’.

Let’s quickly remind you of some of his remarkable prophecies. Did you remember when God asked his to tell the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola, years before the election of 1993, that he would win the election but he would not occupy the seat of President? He also told Gen. Diya [rtd] that he man seeking to eliminate him would die and he would be released from incarceration. These and other messages God has used him to deliver to the world and they came to pass. Recently, God, through him, said Governor Obiano would retain his seat in Anambra State. That is now history.

Primate Olabayo was born on 24th February, 1946 to Pa Joseph and Omolanke both of Ogori town. His father was from Aisoni Adaka Royal family, while his mother was from Eminefo Clan of Ogori. He is a Prince of Ogoriland the lineage of Apariyemo Ologbo, who begat Ikutuna, the father of Joseph Olabayo, the father of Theophilus Oluwasanu Olabayo. The birth of Theophilus Oluwasanu had been predicted by both Christian and non-Christians. The great warrior and Ogori spiritualist, Uboro Jagajigi, had predicted the coming in the near future of a Prophet of International repute coming from the Olabayo’s lineage, while others like Kokonikeja Anwowo, Ogbajiri, Oya and Ovi Oga all of Ogori, predicted in same vein. The most remarkable prophetic utterance came from a popular Christian Evangelist and Prophet of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Apostolic Joseph Babalola, who in the 50’s announced that the Ogori royal family would in future produce a major Prophet of God who would be an Evangelist to the whole world. As Theophilus Olabayo grew, the prophecy was remembered and he was identified as the one. Theophilus Oluwasanu was baptised at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Ogori, but was also given the name Jimoh, by his uncle, Alhaji Akande, the Chief Imam of Magongo because he was born on a Friday.

Oluwasanu is a special breed, spiritually, unlike many prophets. He appeared to have been born a prophet. His prophetic gifts had manifested since he was about age three. At that age, his family believed he was an “Oganje”, because of the accuracy of his predictions. He was referred to as “Woli okeke”, which in Ogori language means “Small Prophet”.

The small prophet has grown and matured into a great prophet of God. He is married to his heartthrob, Stella Modupe, and they are blessed with 4 children and many grandchildren.

On his birthday, he was engaged by City People’s Assistant Editor, SUNDAY ADIGUN, and he spoke exclusively on the counsel of God to the nation, and how his ministry, THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF YAHWEH, started 45years ago.


You are known for accurate predictions and prophecies, what is God saying concerning our nation, Nigeria?

Over 20years ago, God has been telling me what would happen in Nigeria. God said there would be terrorism, violent crimes, economic crimes and subversive elements would disturb the peace of the people. Nigerians never believed me.

When Archbishop Benson Idahosa was alive, it was our voices that were heard loud over issues in this land. Today, I am a lonely voice in the wilderness.

I told Nigerians that the former President Goodluck Jonathan was not the Messiah and I further said President Muhammadu Buhari is just like John the Baptist [a forerunner], who would pave the way for the anointed one, who is to come and rescue the country from disintegration, anarchy and collapse.

The Lord told me that the situation would be unbearable, but after that, a new Nigeria would be born. We shall have a country that every citizen would be proud of.

There would be a reduction in the intellectual capital flight and a dwindling of emigration.

“Behold, I speak as a mouth-piece of God that sooner than we think, a man of destiny is about to take over the affairs of this country. He would rule according to the instructions of God, like the king Cyrus in the Bible, He will not rule from his own understanding, but would be moved by the power or the Holy Spirit. The Lord said: He is raising a new leader, who would lead this country for 2-5 years and will do the much spoken about restructuring Nigerians are asking for. Nigeria is going to have a loose federation with 6-7 regions, and Vice Presidents representing the regions.

The Lord says: “He will not allow corrupt leaders, religious fanatics or homosexuals to rule this nation. The man of destiny that God will raise for this nation would expose some hidden things that would surprise people.

Fake commercial prophets, who are induced financially to speak favourably in support of the government, must desist. The judgment and wrath of Yahweh is about to come upon them. He said He would expose them that they may know that He is the Lord and there is none like Him.

The Lord said to me that soon His anointed Jehu is coming on hoard to reign. He would surely judge this country and all the evil doers, looters of our nation’s treasury would face the wrath of God. None of them would escape Jehu’s sword of judgment.

“Vultures have been released into the country. Their assignment is to destroy, and kill.

“But the Lord says He will pass through this land and cleanse it.

“All the existing political parties are birds of a feather and none can deliver this country from satanic bondage. New young leaders with the fear of God will emerge and replace the old corrupt politicians in the political scene. They shall take over the governance of this country and rule with the fear of God.

I see the nation having state police, headed by Deputy Inspector General of Police in each region.

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Idris, should watch his health and pray against sudden breakdown. He should also be prayerful against powerful politicians, who are demanding his removal from office, if they must support the president come 2019 election.

“The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohim Edgar, should pray very hard not to fall out of favour with those who supported him. I see him running from pillar to post looking for help. His enemies did not succeed in his demotion bid, they are right now working hard to cause problem in Lagos to convince the IGP to transfer him out of Lagos State. He should also pray against hearth challenges.

Lagos State will continue to lead in infrastructural development in the nation. But the governor should watch his steps, so that some of his good actions would not be misinterpreted. He should be on the lookout because some of his loyalists would cause crisis in the parry. The party leaders must be vigilant.

“There would be general improvement in the Nigerian economy this year. I see religious war coming. All Nigerians must be full of prayers, so that some people will not succeed in using religion to cause problem in this nation. We must all be prayerful to avert the evil days ahead.

“The Lord has spoken. He who has an ear let him listen to the voice of the Lord.


The Theme of your programme says: The impact of Prophets in Biblical days: Lessons for Nigeria” what informed this theme and what are the lessons that Nigeria needs to learn from that?

The lesson is that, we should believe that the hope is not lost yet, that God loves Nigeria and He will still clean Nigeria, God says He’s going to raise a leader in Nigeria that will clean the society, there are so many things that are hidden, so many secrets, but God is going to expose them when the time comes, that is why people who are hiding under the canopy of Godfathers need to be careful. Alas! Some of them will end up in prison, how can you collect money and you don’t pay people’s salary, and these are the same governors campaigning that President Buhari should come back. How is that possible? We don’t conduct election in Nigeria: we do selection, whereby they rig election and put their people there, highest bidder”.


THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF YAHWEH is 45years, how did the journey start?

Thank you, it is the call of God, I was an Anglican by birth, but when I left school, I went to Kano. There, I joined C&S Church and that was where God stated using me. Though, I have the gift and have been exhibiting it right from my tender age, but that time, we didn’t really believe in spirituality and spiritual churches, but God started using me in Kano. I would go to the mountain for months without food or water. Later, God told me to found a church, but did not give me any name as at that time, until when I got to Ilorin. God gave me the name THE EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF YAHWEH and that was how we started.


What is your message to the President?

He should not listen to the voices of deceivers around him. He should not say he wants to re-contest, because the Presidential seat is vacant, Angels are sitting there now. Those people who are deceiving him don’t love him. His time is up, and he should not listen to all the mafioso around him, they are too corrupt, the government is corrupt more than what we bargained for. We are not seeing the change people are looking for, people are hungry, there is kidnapping everywhere, atrocities everywhere.


The movement that Obasanjo is championing its cause, what do you think will come out of it?

Nothing is coming out of that coalition. Though it is good for him to speak up, but at the same time, they are all corrupt, and to start with, some of the people who are regrouping are bankrupt of good ideas. They are corrupt too, so nothing will come out of it, God is just using him to talk, to warn the president to change. That group cannot give us the future. God has promised to raise a leader on his own, not through their coalition.

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