I predicted Ebola Scourge, Another one is coming

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Extract from CITY PEOPLE AUG. 27, 2014.

Primate OLABAYO out with fresh predictions

Primate Olabayo is one of the respected men of God in Nigeria. He heads the Evangelical Church of Yahweh in Mende, Maryland, Lagos. He is well known for his yearly predictions which comes out in early January.

Last year, he predicted among other things, that Nigeria will witness an outbreak of animal disease this year and interestingly 6 months into 2014 the country is currently being ravaged by the Ebola scourge which is an animal disease.

He also predicted that Osun Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, will win, the 2014 gubernatorial elections. So sure was Primate Olabayo that a few weeks back he told an influential monarch from Osun State categorically, before the elections, that Senator Omisore, who the Oba has sympathy for will lose and Aregbe (Rauf Aregbesola) will win. Although the 1st class monarch was thoroughly deflated by the news, Primate Olabayo told him matter of factly there was nothing he (Olabayo) could do as that was what the Lord revealed to him.

Last week, (Primate) Olabayo gave City People more revelations at his Maryland church.

“Most of my predictions have come to pass”, he explains. Even the Ekiti elections, I said it will be rigged massively. And I warned the incumbent APC party to be careful, but they never took precaution. And during Osun elections I said Aregbe (Rauf Aregbesola) will win and he did. The PDP did everything humanly possible to rig this last election in Osun. They raised all the manpower. When God has declared you winner, you must win. The PDP people called me APC Prophet. It’s what God said that I did. They were giving people money, that they should say Omisore will win and become the Governor, whereas God has not said so and now Aregbe (Rauf Aregbesola) has won.

“When I met this 1st class traditional ruler from Osun State, he came to Lagos and he said help me pray for my state so that there would be no blood shed. I said Kabiyesi, Aregbe would win this election. There will be no bloodshed. I don’t know how to tell lies”.

“I am not like most of these pastors who lie because of what they are looking for. They are not standing on their own calling. But the Lord has told me that if APC wants to get Ekiti back it is possible. There are things needed to be done to take it back. The plan of the PDP is to turn this South-West (South-West Nigeria) into a one party system (region). It will not augur well. I am not a politician. We don’t want bloodshed in this country, (President) Jonathan’s advisers are his worst enemies and if he is not careful they are going to truncate this democracy.

How does he see the prospects in other South-West States like Lagos, Oyo?

“They will attempt Lagos. Why APC too is having problems is because they want to install their own man by all means. They don’t want to use democracy. If they go through the right way, through democratic means APC will retain their states. But if they insist that they want to install somebody their god fatherism would make them fail. If they practice democracy PDP can’t beat them in their states. If they try to rig in Lagos there will be trouble, chaos and anarchy and it will end democracy especially in Ogun and Lagos State.

Those in OYO State need to be very prayerful because I can see trouble there and fire.

“How does he see the Ebola Virus Scourge?”

“I predicted it during last year’s Taborrah predictions”. I said beware of Animal disease. Those who have my book of predictions should go back and read it. I was the only Prophet who said so. I prophesied that there would be animal disease and it is happening. But wait for this prediction. Go and write it down. Another virus worse than Ebola will soon happen. We need to pray. God told me that we need to pray very well.

“Most of our powerful leaders should be careful. If we are not careful, this country will witness a lot of calamity. President Jonathan has to mellow down a bit. He has to watch his back. What God is telling me is that those that are handling his re-election are wasting our money. President Jonathan has to be watchful. There is massive looting going on now. Those surrounding him are not good people. Drug barons are about to take over this country. If they are not careful there is going to be killings.

PDP in Lagos State will have problems between Chief Bode George faction and Obanikoro faction. Bode George has to be watchful against any attempt on his life because one faction will not agree with Jimi Agbaje for governor. This is going to create another problem for PDP.

“Before the Emir of Kano died, I prophesied that he will die. It was published, Go and check all my predictions. I predicted that the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero will die and Sanusi will take over. All I predicted came to pass. We have to pray for another king in the South-West. He is an old man now. I saw him going this year. We need to pray for him seriously so he can survive.”

Are there other this that will happen between now and the end of the year?

“Yes, the flood that has never happened will happen.”

“There will be more Terrorism. Armed robbery will come in another form and kidnapping will be its worst. Plane disasters will come in different forms, hijackers will take over. God told me the end is near. People have to be close to God now because death will be rampart now especially young people. The love of money has taken over this country. That is what will ruin this country if care is note taken it is going to affect so many churches”.

What will happen in Kwara State?


“That is where problem will occur,” he says. “PDP will like to take over Kwara but they may not succeed. It will be between Gov. Ahmed and Baraje. If he can get Bukola on his side, Ahmed will win. PDP will spend a lot of money but they won’t be able to take over Kwara.”

What will happen to Sen. Bukola Saraki?

“They are going to set the EFCC after him. I can see the EFCC looking for him up and down. This government plans to use EFCC on a lot of opposition like Saraki, Asiwaju Tinubu and Co.”

How does he see Asiwaju’s political future?

“He will continue to play his leadership role but we have to pray for him to survive, because there are forces against him. So that they won’t cut his life short. These are the things I saw.”

Who will win the Presidency, APC or PDP? How come APC can’t agree on a candidate?

“Whether the APC or PDP is keen on winning, the Lord has shown me that there may not be any election in 2015. We need a lot of prayers. There are 2 things that will happen. What I can see is that there may be an interim government or the man of destiny will take over because there will be crisis upon crisis. And if at all there will be elections, the elections will be inconclusive”.

How about President Jonathan?

“The Lord says he needs to be very careful with the way he goes after things. What Nigeria is going through now is not good for him. All these impeachment everywhere, killings all over will bring about problems.”

Who will win the Presidency, APC or PDP? How come APC can’t agree on a candidate? So what should he do?

“He should do the right thing, look for the right people to help him. But fighting OBJ and Co will not allow him to concentrate.”

What will happen to OBJ?

“OBJ himself has to be careful.” Says Primate Olabayo. “He is going to have problems. Government will fight him.”

What are the things the President can do to govern Nigeria well?

“He should remove people of questionable character around him, he has to ban them. He has to bring in new ones. President Jonathan has to tackle corruption! He has to curb the excesses of his men. They should do meaningful things, like create jobs for people and set people up, not just talk, talk, talk. Stealing is too much. He needs to stop stealing in high places.”

How can President Jonathan stop Boko Haram?

I predicted Boko Haram years ago even before it started. I said there would be Terrorism that I could see it coming. That was why, when I predicted Yar Adua’s death then and it happened, I said God said they should allow a Northerner to complete his term and if they do not allow him there would be Terrorism, Trouble and Anarchy and some people started calling me a prophet of doom. Now it is happening and we have never seen the worst. We are only seeing the smoke, the heat would soon come. That is the area we should face instead of terrorizing every state.”

Is that the solution?

“The solution is he should re-organize the security system. There are fifth columnists among them. President Goodluck Jonathan should seek the face of God and God will tell him what to do. He should seek for the face of God so that he can survive and know how to run this country. Nigeria can’t continue to run the way it is running. There is danger ahead!”

How come all the Pastors around the President are not telling him these?

“Some of the Pastors around him won’t tell him the truth. Some of them are busy making money. Some of them have become rich instead of telling the President the truth, they have become his PR. Some of them don’t even know the difference between left and right. That is why we have all these problems. It will get to a stage where the judgment will start from the House Of God because they are not saying the Truth to Power.

How come all of them didn’t see Ebola coming?

I was the only one who saw it last year and said animal disease will break out. This is a small thing you are seeing, the worst thing is about to happen. That is why we need to reorganize. All these politicians who spent billions in Osun and Ekiti to get people to vote for them should be arrested and let them give account.”

What should we expect in Ogun State elections?

“It is dicey. I have been saying Gov. Amosun must resolve his fight with Osoba if not it may lead to doom! He has to settle with some of his people who are in the Senate, House of Reps, House of Assembly etc. You can’t be fighting all these people and think you will win election. If Amosun wants to win elections, he has to draw his Deputy nearer and give him a good portfolio. Yes.”

What will happen in Oyo State?

“Gov. Ajimobi needs to be very tactical. If he wants to win that state again, he has to draw closer all his men whom he has quarreled with. The PDP is all out to take over the State. He is going to be very tactical if he wants to get Oyo State back. That is want God told me.”

How about Gov. Oshiomhole?

“That is where the problem is. Oshiomhole is going to have problems with PDP, and if he is not careful crisis will start from there and escalate to Rivers. The President should leave all these APC States for them so that He can survive. That is what God says. We needs to pray very well for the President. He needs our prayers. I can see his seat vacant. Those that he thinks are his friends are his enemies. Once anything happens, they will run away. There are so many fair weather friends around him, he can’t survive that way. He should draw the press nearer. That is what God is telling me. The only good thing I can see about Nigeria is that there will be no war!”

“The Niger Delta People will come out and say they want to pull out. But God won’t allow them. Boko Haram should be properly checked, I am afraid of their plan for Abuja. I see more bombing in Abuja and I see them kidnapping somebody very, very important and great and this will create problems. We need to pray. We need prayers. We need to pray against inter-tribal killings. I saw Igbos leaving the North, I saw Yorubas leaving the North. The only thing we can do is to pray. We have been praying but without action is not good. Our leaders need to have clear conscience.”

“I am afraid of 2015. The President should not contest. The President of Nigeria is to rule over people who are alive, not the dead. People are dying a lot. Why can’t he leave this 2015 Presidential elections?”

Are we likely to find the Chibok Girls?

“Some of these Chibok Girls have been indoctrinated. Some of them are even involved. That is what God is telling me. Some of them are dead. But God can still perform a miracle, concerning them.”

Any message for the PDP leadership?

“I predicted that the former Chairman, Bamanga Tukur will be kicked out and he was. The new chairman has to mellow down. He should be able to advice the President well instead of just following Him about. What they did in Adamawa is wrong. The President should learn how to forgive. Should tender justice with mercy. The President’s wife should not be too involved in government. This is what is causing crisis. The office of the 1st lady should be scrapped and power given to them should be reduced. The President should not force himself to come back. If he forces himself to come back by all means there will be anarchy.”

How do you see Fayose’s victory?

“Fayose should be very careful, from what God has told me, He should stop insulting people. He may have problems if he does not slow down. He has to mellow down or he may lose and APC may have the upper hand again. If the current government in Ekiti is serious, there are still things they can do to get it back.”

How do you see Lagos and Gov. Fashola?

“Fashola is doing well but party leaders should not try to impose candidates in the party. This is what will kill APC in Lagos State. While the problem of PDP is between Bode George and Koro (Senator Obanikoro). They are trying to frustrate Jimi Agbaje who they see as a new person to the party. It will affect the party if the issue of Agbaje is not well handled. Some of them are not planning to support Agbaje but they should support him.

APC too has problems. In APC they are not allowing democracy. They have to handle the issue of Ganiu Solomon well in APC. Ganiu Solomon will have an upper hand. That is what I can see oo. That is what God has told me ooo. Ganiu Solomon will have an upper hand if the election is free and fair.

Nigerians should pray against religious war between Christians and Muslims. Political assassinations will be rampart between now and 2015. I saw a Mafia set up to silence oppositions. The President should watch people who will use his name to kidnap and kill opposition leaders and this will lead to anarchy. There will be kidnapping and assassination among the campaign organization of the Presidency. He should pray against bereavement on the people he’s relying upon for 2015.

Heart Attack will be rampant among our leaders. Between now and 2015 God will raise a leader who will clean our society. Many innocent people that were killed will form an army that will take over the country. I saw Igbos leaving North. We should pray against inter- tribal war in the country. There will be food poisoning. It will be rampart. Epidemic and famine will take over the country. People should watch what they ear. Inflation will be higher in the coming year.

Many States will go into farming – promoting agriculture.

APC has to be careful so that their leaders will not disappoint them. The party should look for young candidates, Christians and Muslim, to work together to produce a Presidential candidate.

Anambra State should pray for one of her prominent daughters, against bereavement.

Prayer should be made for a paramount ruler in the South-West against bereavement. South-West PDP will witness a lot of trouble. The Presidency must avoid sycophants who are saying he is the messiah. This is how Abacha died at the end of his life. He should listen to the voice of reasoning, so that he would not set the country ablaze.

PDP will not be able to repeat the Ekiti State scenario in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States governorship elections.

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