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From Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo

This interview was conducted on Wednesday May 13, 2015

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Concerning the last gubernatorial and presidential election, one of the things you said was that there will be no election. Concerning May 29, will May 29 hold and will the President Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari be sworn in?

When I said there will be no elections, there were no elections as the dates for the general elections were shifted by 6 weeks. After this episode, God revealed to me that the President has the same intentions not to hold the general elections but when the people shouted, it held. The Prophets are to warn the nation against such things. When I gave that warning, plus others that were also talking about it, the President was forced to hold the elections. Such warnings to the President also came from the US, UN and other world powers. If not, the elections would not have held.

Before MKO Abiola died, I told him, “You will win this election but I do not see you being sworn in as president”. I told him, “don’t involve yourself in this process” and he said; “Primate, how can someone win election and not become president” and I said; “this is what God told me”. I equally told him he will die in the process and all these happened. Concerning Osun state, Nigeria, I spoke about Aregbesola winning the elections, the last British election, I also spoke about David Cameron winning. Equally, before the Ebola virus, I spoke about there being a wide spread deadly animal disease that will take the lives of many.

Concerning President-Elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, we need to be very prayerful so that he will be installed because there are forces trying to cause confusion, I equally saw that he will not make much difference after his installation. People should not expect too much from Buhari, because he isn’t going to be a messiah. Before then, things will be getting harder and tougher. There will be hunger in the land, and anger. Terrorism will continue. Nigeria has to watch and pray, we need to be very prayerful to avoid anarchy.

You were speaking about an impending crisis in Nigeria. You were talking about hunger and anger, fuel increase and you mentioned that we should pray……. (Cuts in)

You see, money will be very very scarce. Fuel scarcity will continue, food prices will escalate…. (Cuts in)

Will this happen after the Buhari government takes over or from now?

Yes, from now and it will continue even after Buhari’s government takes over. I see famine in Nigeria. As a result, the prices of food will continue to increase.

Is it possible that this crisis was precipitated by the PDP led Federal government with the intention of deliberately handing it over to the incoming government?

Exactly, the politicians created this problem for the incoming government. To start with the way they waste our resources, they all rigged the election. They are only deceiving us.

You mean they both (PDP and APC) rigged in the last general elections

There’s no state that did not rig. They are very clever. All of them rigged. And the love of money has taken over everywhere. Corruption has taken over Nigeria. And it will get worse if a man of destiny does not come up to clear them.

Is that to mean this petrol scarcity will continue?

Yes, because what they want to do is to frustrate Nigeria by creating this petrol scarcity. Let me ask you a question; “why can’t we have our refineries working or repair them? Some individuals, who are Nigerians have refineries in South Africa etc. why didn’t they establish it in Nigeria?

Buhari would have been the ideal person but he is an old man, he won’t be able to do much. He will try but some of the people he has surrounded himself with are very corrupt and they will frustrate some of his efforts. That’s why we need to pray for him for God’s guidance so as to survive.

Does President Jonathan plans to handover to Buhari?

His intention is not to handover to Buhari just as he didn’t want the elections to hold. But what I’m saying will form part of what will make him handover. He will be forced to handover because they have a secret plan to create a situation before May 29 that will lead to an Interim National Government.

Sir, how possible is the Interim National Government since elections has held?

There’s nothing that cannot happen in Nigeria. This people can do anything. They are scared of Buhari. Some of them are powerful people but they will fail. All their efforts in this regard will fail. The only thing we have to pray is for the President-Elect to survive after getting there especially his first 3 months in office….. (Cuts in)

you mean they plan to eliminate him within his 1st 3 months in office?

Yes. We need to pray so that his health will not fail him and for him to survive any assassination attempt on his life within the 1st 3 months while in office.

President Jonathan says he wants to Handover a nation that is free of Boko-Haram. 6 weeks before the rescheduled election date, the Nigerian Military started an offensive against Boko-Haram in this regard and have recorded a lot of success. Will this success be sustained or what really is going on?

You know, I hear people who are not sincere, the price of this success is very high as the real figures of the Nigerian casualty are not reported or under reported. They have killed many military people and as a result, their success is very minimal. Boko-Haram is still operational but media access is restricted. Something worse than terrorism might still happen if we don’t watch and pray. Before Boko-Haram started, I prophesied terrorism. The then Minister of Information, Late Prof. (Mrs.) Dora Akunyili called me a Prophet of Doom saying; ‘despite all Nigerians have gone through, it is not in us to kill each other in the name of religion or under such pretext”. We need to support President Buhari’s government with prayers to survive.

Can Buhari do anything about Boko-Haram?

He will not be able to do much. He is not a messiah, he will only do his best. Because some of his party members are very corrupt. The military have tasted power and don’t want to let go. That is part of the reasons among others why Boko-Haram was created. It is the government that created Boko-Haram. It is the Nigerian Military that is selling Arms & Ammunitions to Boko-Haram.

About the over 200 Chibok Girls, will they be found?

You see, some of them have been married and are now house wives, some are pregnant, some have given birth, and some are dead etc. so I can’t say you will find them. Even if you will find them, it will be just a few of them. The government created, kept and funded Boko-Haram. They knew why they did it. Only a few girls will be found if at all they find any. Others will not be found.

Will we ever know the real sponsors of Boko-Haram? Will the Buhari government be able to unmask and reveal them to the public?

The Buhari government cannot do it. They will discover the sponsors but will not be able to reveal it, because if they dare it, they (the sponsors) will abort the government because those behind it are powerful people….. (Cuts in)

does the Buhari government know the sponsors of Boko-Haram?

They are finding out already and will have all the details soon. Some of the powerful people that financed Buhari’s campaign are part of the Boko-Haram sponsors. He cannot expose them.

What was the reason for the creation of Boko-Haram? Some said it was a ploy by those from the Northern parts of the country (Nigeria) to remove President Jonathan. Is it true?

It is not true. It is the government that created and allowed it to fester so that there will be no election in that area and to reduce the population of the Northern parts of the country. All these are the gimmicks of the Jonathan’s government. They wanted to use it to rule by any means. Most of the people in the past that dared to probe into Boko-Haram were all eliminated including the former top security official.

Nigeria will still face more troubles. There will be so much flood such as we have never seen before. The state of the economy will get hasher. Churches are really not helping matters. Some church leaders are involved in all sort of rituals. That’s why we are not having healthy churches again.

PDP has been in power for 16 years, they lost the presidential elections and in most states and have become the opposition party despite their initial prediction that they will rule for 60 years. Do you see PDP ever coming back to power?

Unless PDP have a good leader, they will never rise gain. They will start fighting themselves, they will use money to fight themselves. I see a new party emerge, not PDP, which will be the opposition to APC…. (Cuts in)

.will PDP die? Is that what you are saying?

PDP will not die but it will not be powerful again….. (Cuts in)

.will they lose relevance?

PDP will not be powerful again that’s the word I will use just like the way AD is now. Even though they are going to raise up a new leader. A new party will emerge that will include other parties and several current PDP members will join this new party.

On the alleged plot by some presidential aides to force the current NWC of the PDP to resign and the allegations and counter allegations we’ve been reading in the press to this effect. What do you say?

There will be “roforofo” fight between them because they cannot get it right. Because these are the people that destroyed the President not Adamu Muazu (PDP National Chairman)…… (Cuts in)

.who are these people? Is Gov. Ayodele Fayose (Governor of Ekiti State) one of them?

Yes, he is one of them. You recall Fayose’s cover page press release about Buhari during the campaign? This and more ended up creating more problems for Jonathan than other things. These elements created more problems for Jonathan and there was little he could do. This isn’t Muazu’s (PDP National Chairman) fault at all but the president’s men created his problem. They were all out to please the president. Some other problem came from his wife too.

What do you see about President Jonathan now that he’s exiting Aso Rock? There was a Prophet that said President Jonathan will end up in jail after leaving Aso Rock. What do you say?

If President Jonathan loves himself, let him be accountable for things that happened during his administration. If not, he’s going to be tried and may end up in prison alongside several other people with him.

What will happen to Diezani Alison Madueke the incumbent Petroleum Minister after May 29?

If she acts with wisdom, people will plead for her. Buhari’s government will request that she among other people give account. If she gives account, there will be no problem. Any of them that fails will end up jailed. The Buhari administration will set up a platform for those who have mismanaged Nigeria’s resources from 1960 to return what they have stolen. This will also include those in his party, APC. I saw that there’s a committee that is going to come up. They will screen people and many secrets will be uncovered.

If all these will happen, why then did you say Nigeria will still experience so much problem and that Buhari is not a messiah?

It will get to a stage when these activities are going on that people (the corrupt rich people) will raise against him. These will lead to mass killings, assassination and assassination attempts all over the country. There will be no peace and this might lead to a change in government.

But you said there will be crisis emanating from the last general elections which will lead to the man of destiny taking over power in Nigeria?

God’s way is not our way. If there was crisis during this just concluded elections, the country would have been divided, leading to innocent people being killed and a 7 year war. If not for God.

What is your advice for President-Elect Buhari?

He should mellow down, do his work as there is so much to be done. There’s no petrol, salaries are not being paid, there’s no money left. Where will he get all this? Unless if the people that stole the money returns it….. (Cuts in)

but you said that if he initiates the probe and people start returning stolen money they will target him? So how will he do it?

Well, there must be a sacrificial lamb. Most of the promises President-Elect Buhari made during the campaign, will not be fulfilled as there is no money to do it. The reason is this; during the campaign, President-Elect Buhari did not know the extent to which things were bad as he will soon find out. So it not as if he doesn’t want to do it, it is simply that he is handicapped.

Talking about APC, there are so many issues, what do you see especially as it relates to the Senate Presidency and Speaker of the House?

Senator Ahmad Lawan will be the next Senate President. Concerning the Speaker of the House of Representatives, no comment yet. There will still be mass defection on a large scale from PDP to APC. APC has to be watchful that those who destroyed PDP will not decamp to APC and do the same.

Nigeria should pray against any form of plane crash that will involve big personalities and politicians.

Do you see APC consolidating their successes at the polls or dividing?

That is where the problem is, money and power will divide them. They need to pray so that they will not lose their leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on health grounds. The issue is not assassination against him but health related issues. He should reduce his work load and have more time to rest.

In one of your previous prophecies, you stated that PDP will win Lagos and that APC will win in Rivers State. APC and PDP won respectively. What happened in this regard?

Concerning the Lagos state gubernatorial elections, the case is already at the tribunal…. (Cuts in) are you saying Jimi Agbaje (the PDP gubernatorial candidate) will win at the tribunal?

Well, it depends on the people. That’s what God told me…. (Cuts in)

……sir is that really what God told you or what you wanted to see happen?

No, this isn’t about what I wanted, it about what God told me. There was strategic rigging in various places including the threat to eliminate Jimi Agbaje.

What about Rivers state?

Dakuku Peterside of the APC will reclaim his mandate from the PDP Governor-Elect Nyesom Wike…. (Cuts in)

.are you saying that in the case of Lagos, the result from the tribunal can go either way but for River it is a certainty that Dakuku Peterside of the APC will reclaim his mandate and become governor?

Yes. That is exactly what I am saying. Dakuku Peterside of the APC will reclaim his mandate and become governor. It is certain that it will happen. The only condition attached is if the proceeding at the tribunal continues after President-Elect Buhari is sworn in.

What will happen to Gov. Godswill Akpabio after May 29?

He will fight tooth and nail to be relevant. A lot of his secrets will be exposed. He needs to mellow down so that he will not be disgraced as he has stepped on so many toes.

What will happen to Gov. Rotimi Amaechi after May 29?

Gov. Amaechi was one of the influential APC members that ensured victory for Buhari at the primaries. He played a major role. Concerning Rivers state, there was no election. It was a selection and writing of results. He will remain relevant in Buhari’s administration.

We are hearing various rumours about ministerial list and Gov. Fashola and Ex. Gov. Fayemi being sidelined. What do you have to say?

These two will remain relevant in Buhari’s administration. Even if they are not ministers, they will be very powerful….. (Cuts in)

.will they be ministers?

They may be, they may not. But they will be more powerful than government ministers.

Any word for the Nation?

My message is that the nation (every ethnic nationality) should come together and be our brothers’ keeper.

What do you see happening in North Korea?

North Korean Leader, Kim Jung-Un is an animal and because of the atrocities he has been perpetuating, he himself will be killed very soon. His people will rise up against him and there will be anarchy. In the process, they will kill him.

What will happen after his death? Will the new leader open up North Korea or will they continue the policies of the Kim Jung-Un dynasty?

The new leader will open up North Korea to the world and favour his people.

What do you see about Russia’s action in Ukraine/Crimea?

There will be an upheaval in Russia. The opposition will rise against President Putin. In the end, a new man will emerge, it might be from the military or civilian. However, this new person will be accepted by all Russians….. (Cuts in)

Will President Putin be killed in the process or what?

President Putin will face trial. And many secrets will be exposed as a result. Most of these bad leaders around the world, God is about to uproot them. God will remove them one way or the other.

President Bashir Al-Assad of Syria, what will be his end?

He will be over throned. There are some people being empowered and working to that effect already. Iran will no longer be able to protect him. The people that will deposed anytime from now him are working hand in hand with America.

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